Thursday, February 15, 2018

Book Review: 'Dance in the Sun' by Monique Moliere Piper

Louisiana author Monique Moliere Piper is the CEO of On Purpose Coaching, having earned her BS in Business Administration from Xavier University and credentials in Professional Coach Training from World Coach Institute, and has is a Business Coach and Thrive Specialist and uses her knowledge and skills to promote and nurture the unique challenges women face when starting and running a business. Her mission: to teach women to achieve greater success by connecting to the Power of Purpose. Or as she states it, ‘I am an ordinary woman seeking to live what has become, for many of us, an extraordinary life. Extraordinary only because living in an authentic space is largely uncommon. This is a space where you are free to become who you were meant to be, instead of who you were conditioned to be, or who you believe you cannot be because of bright red stop signs… painted by YOU. We have become a disorderly bunch suppressed by outside expectations and inside limitations.’

‘DANCE IN THE SUN is about getting started on the journey to living exactly as God created us all to be, our authentic selves. It addresses the ways in which this journey gets constantly interrupted by our habits, beliefs, and conditioning and the struggles in our lives that cloud our view so that we never catch a glimpse of our true selves. This book will show you ways to get on the path to uncovering your heart’s desires, instead of what you have been taught is realistic.’

Monique wisely develops her message in the order of her divisions f her book: Strategies to Get Through It All; How We Get Shaped (The Women in My Life); The Lives We Live Are the Sum of Our Choices; Happiness Lies Within; Attitude Isn’t Everything… It’s Just 90% of Everything; Quantity vs. Quality of Life Everything I Know about Men; Cursing the Blue Sky; It Ain’t What You do, It’s What You Think; The Problem with Fighting Over Scraps Is, Sooner or Later You’re Going to End Up Hungry; Yes Sir, Only the Best for Me— You Will Never Achieve More Than Your Own Expectations; The Road to Nowhere is Paved with the Best of Intentions; The Good Dog; The Power of Choice; You Will Have to Be New to Do New; Procrastination Hesitation = Stagnation (P + H = S); When the Going Gets Tough... You Learn to Become Tougher; and Fall First.

Now flesh out these bits of sage and warmly humorous divisions and the result is a book that is not only full of wisdom but is delightfully entertaining as well. Looking for a teacher ladies? Her she is! Grady Harp, February 16

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