Thursday, February 8, 2018

Book Review: 'CREEPY CREEPY GRAVEYARD SHEEPY' by Rev. C Raven Bartholomew

Rev. C Raven Bartholomew is a new nom de plume for a very famous Australian Cartoon Artist – who wishes to remain anonymous for this newest book. But talent such as this is unmistakable and for those who have read GREEN SNOT AND BOOGERS and the ZAK THE ZOMBIE series etc the style is such that it won’t be much of a challenge for fans of this artist to guess his true identity

The good Reverend graces his pages once again in rhymes and terrific cartoon illustrations and meets us in a graveyard ‘where hearts decay’ and the home of ghouls and ghosts and of course Shane the Sheepy (whose nose is full of snot and boogers that are left to rot) – a regular mess of a disintegrating organ extruding sheep and ‘a tongue that tasted grass so green now looks more like a gangrenes spleen’. As a matter of fat we are treated to a description of each of his rotting organs and in doing so the good Reverend teaches us what happens when our bodies die.
This is a terrific little entertaining and hilarious book but it also has some biological teaching significance – even for adults who will likely attempt not to guffaw their way out of the bedroom while reading this creepy little bedtime story.

At the book’s end we are offered a biography of the Reverend – which as is this author’s style is utterly hilariously dark (‘An ordained minister he is legally allowed to marry you, but would rather bury you. Amen’). And as a teaser for the book PR, the following is offered: ‘Then I saw his faeces. Now I’m a be-liver. Just kidneying. Bwahahaha!!’ Another howlingly original little book by one of the best in the business. Grady Harp, May 16

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