Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Book Review: 'The Corridor of Uncertainty' by Nihar Suthar

Nihar Suthar is an award-winning writer, covering inspirational stories around the world. He strives to publish works that break the status quo. Suthar was born in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Cornell University in January 2016. His bio for this initial book WIN NO MATTER WHAT: A GUIDE TO HYPING UP YOUR LIFE shares his background –‘ Nihar Suthar is the founder of Hype Up Your Day. His company is the source of motivation and joy to over 100,000 people. Suthar was born and raised in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. Currently, he is a college student who inspires individuals, families, and corporations around the world to dream big and do even bigger.’ Now in his new book THE CORRIDOR OF UNCERTIANTY: HOW CRICKET MENDED A TORN NATION he ventures into world affairs with a generous bow to history and deeds about which few of us know.

Nihar opens his book with a 1990 one-day international Cricket game between the English team and the West Indies team in Jamaica. For those of us who know little about cricket it may be slow reading – until the last gripping moment that supplies the title for this book. He then wisely takes us through the struggles in Afghanistan and that he offers in a plot summary.

‘In 1979, Afghanistan erupted into one of the most brutal civil wars ever. The fighting lasted almost a decade, throwing the country into a period of political instability, harsh leadership, and extreme danger. Hundreds of thousands of civilians died, and millions relocated to refugee camps. The rest of the world began to believe that violence would always define Afghans. However, deep in the refugee camps of Pakistan, displaced native Afghan children had a dream to unite their country once again with peace. The solution was disguised in the game of cricket. These children began to learn cricket, and persevered against the danger, criticism, and unrest to create the first-ever Afghan national cricket team. With unrivalled access to the team and players during the 2015 Cricket World Cup, Nihar Suthar tells the story of their inspiring journey to change Afghanistan in one of the most under-told, heart-warming sports stories of all time.’

Leading up to the 2015 Cricket World Cup triumph in winning against Bangladesh. ‘Perhaps the most meaningful lesson the Afghan cricketers taught the rest of the world was to look beyond stereotypes. Not all Afghans stood for violence. Beyond the horizon, there was a surging group of people who stood for something greater: cricket. Just then, the announcer exclaimed over the loudspeaker, ‘Here come the Afghan and Bangladeshi cricket teams!’ The Afghan cricketers looked at each other and yelled, ‘Here’s to having overcome the corridor of uncertainty!’

This book is profoundly moving and though Nihar bows to those of us who now little about the game (he includes and Appendix with Rules of the game and some very fine photographs to re-cap his story), the message of the title is clear. A very fine book from a very fine writer and caring human being. ‘Vah Vah’. Grady Harp, June 16

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