Friday, February 16, 2018

Book Review: 'Conquest' by Kyle Fuhrer

Author Kyle (M.A.) Fuhrer has a rich background: a degree in Political Science and History, a historical interpreter, successful webmaster, home handyman, vintage gaming expert and even a bouncer in a nightclub! He has written books for self help topics (his `The Beginners Guide to Making Income: Success with GPTS Sites' remains a best seller), and superb children's literature in which his bubbling sense of humor shines through in such special books BILLY BOB THE DOG & TORKELSON TURTLE: THE ANCIENT ART OF ASKING. And now he addresses a national epidemic – low income households struggling to stay even.

After sharing his personal journey (one of the aspects that makes Kyle so easy to like and thus read!) he sets up the process of debt riddance in the following chapters (and though these are only chapter headings they tell a lot about content: The chapter headings give a solid idea of where Kyle is taking us: Breaking Your Debt Addiction, Figure it out and Write it Down, The Minimum Myth, The Credit Card Myth, Debt Repayment Methods and Emergency Funds, The Debt Snowball: Debt Stacking Also Known as the Debt Avalanche: Debt Tsunami:The Recession Proof Debt Snowball: Debt Snow Flaking: Goal Setting and Budgeting, Budget example, Change you are Thinking, Do your Research and Surround yourself with the Right People, Become Indispensable, Debt Fatigue, What to do when you are starting to get ahead finally, and How to Stay Debt-free.

No great shakes here, just solid and sound advice that is accessible and applicable – and so very much in line with the way Kyle ingratiates his readers and coachees.

This is a very valuable book for so many of us! Grady Harp January 16

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