Friday, February 2, 2018

Book Review: 'Con Man' by Amy Brent

Amy Brent describes herself as a woman who ‘writes hot, spicy romances that feature gorgeous alpha men who love to protect their women. Her heroes are rough, hot, bad boys and billionaires who possess that soft heart a woman definitely yearns for. Wanna read about older men, single dads, and their totally off limits younger women? You are at the perfect place!’

Amy’s novel lengths have grown longer and for good reason. She delves into character development, touched on situations that are plausible, and manages to provide a bit of intrigue to round out her mastery of erotic, steamy stories. Start with erotica and end with erotica - and splash it through the entire book. That seems to be Amy’s calling card.

The synopsis provided holds the plot in place – ‘I am a con man, I don't do relationships, I don't do love. I am not a nice guy, I don't wanna be. I just do my thing - con rich women, make them fall in love with me, and then...I become history for one woman and future for another. I've been living this way for the past so many years, and loving it too. Until, Olivia Hart happens to me - again! I cannot fall in love. But I give in. Alright, what's wrong with only once...I'll keep it purely physical. I just want to taste that body... the body she denied me in high school. But then, old flames reignite and things start looking up for me. Until....I realize Olivia is the private investigator hired to catch me. How did I not see it coming? She is conning the con man, But what she doesn't know is that The story has just begun!’

Tossing in a ‘second time around’ twist ads to the flavor of this new book Amy has polished her skills and it shows. Grady Harp, November 17
This book is free on Kindle Unlimited.

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