Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Book Review: 'The Christmas Cookies' by Mark C. Collins

Mark C. Collins is the author AND illustrator of this fine new children's book. Drawing since the age of 2, Mark went to art school and spent years as a graphic designer before changing to illustration. In children's books he can combine all his talents - writing, design, and illustration - and the result is a highly satisfying (for Mark) and highly successful (for us) jewel of a children's book.

Mark has a keen sense of timing in this rhyming and couples that with not only a fun idea for a story but also with some of the strongest illustrations found in children’s books. Our heroine is Noelle and not surprisingly (given her name!) Christmas is her favorite time – the most important aspect being the cookies her mother bakes. She loves watching them being made, but alas when Noelle and her mother go shopping the dog eats all the cookies. Noelle is sad and spends the night dreaming about them. More cookies are promised, but this particular Christmas season the timer for the oven is off and the cookies burn! But not to worry – mother will bake more, but when Noelle has her friend Dee over to play in the snow, Dee finds the cookies and eats them all. But all is not lost – mother bakes cookies for Santa and Noelle knows that Santa won’t eat but two, leaving the rest for her. But the next morning ALL the cookies are gone and Noelle is sad – until she opens a special package from her mother and dad…a box full of cookies.

Start your Christmas early with this delightful new book from one of the best children’s book creators around. Grady Harp, November 15

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