Saturday, February 17, 2018

Book Review: 'Choices Meant For All' by Sandy Lender

Florida author Sandy Lender with a degree in English from Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri has enjoyed a career as a journalist and writer and this book is the completion of The Choices Trilogy that began in 2007. She is the editorial director of two construction magazines and publisher of an avian publication, but it doesn’t take but a few pages of exploring this book to realize that her first love is rich fantasy – her own breed of science fiction and mythology and fantasy. This is the type of book that finds a devoted audience with the Young Adult sector and lucky for them, she is devoting her next novels to that ready-made audience.

Using a rather impressive almost singing writing style Sandy takes us into place that test our imagination and before we know it we are as much a part of her story as are her characters. Her synopsis of the book reads as follows: ‘From the foothills of the Freotho Mountains to the marble halls of Mahriket, factions of deities rise to threaten not just Master Rothahn's crown, but all of Onweald's people. The battles fan the gates of the dark spirit world releasing demons of every species to aid the enemy, but Emperor Nigel Taiman brings Malachi's power to the Arcanan Army's camp in hopes of tipping the balance in his bride's favor. Dangerous times call for strange allies from all quarters. To restore the geasa that will save the god she's sworn to protect, Amanda Chariss must escape the very Betrayer's grasp and make choices for the good of all. Does she have the will to sacrifice all that she holds dear in the process? Dive into the action-packed conclusion of the Choices trilogy to discover how prophecy works with and against those who would heed it.’

For lovers of richly painted fantasy this book will more than satisfy. If the strange names don’t get in the way (names that most likely she introduced in the first two books of the trilogy), the reader is invited to soar into a world made spectacular by the author. Grady Harp, January 16

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