Sunday, February 18, 2018

Book Review: 'Children's Book: My Grandchild Arrives' by Orly Assa

Israeli author Orly Assa has two passions - the education of children (she was a teacher for many years specializing in early childhood and the skills of reading, mathematics and music, theater and group dynamics) and art and culture. Now she focuses on writing scripts, producing and directing plays and video films for communities, and documenting stories of individuals and families, capturing on video film their life stories. This book is Book 2 of a series she titles THE GRANDMOTHER TELLS SERIES. Mentol beautifully illustrates her book.

In this second installment in Orly’s series about a Grandmother’s relationship to her grandchildren - MY GRANDCHILD ARRIVES – she offers that wonderfully humorous and fragile excitement of responses to the arrival of the grandchild. Even adults can over-react or seem foolish unless they are seen in context with the joy of the arrival of a new grandchild. This is a fine follow-up to her initial book A LETTER TO MY GRANDCHILD. Easy to read, beautifully shared with sensitive responses the way we all hope we will see with events as special as a grandchild’s arrival, and illustrated with Mentol’s fine illustrations. It looks like Orly Assa has a successful venture on her hands. Grady Harp, December 15

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