Thursday, February 1, 2018

Book Review: 'Cade' by Selina Coffey

British author Selina Coffey is a romance writer who lives happily in London with her husband and her son - a hopeless romantic and her many books attest to that passion.

Selina takes chances – blending at times inappropriate bonding with crime, but her writing is so on target that she is able to not only use strange twists well but allows them to enhance the erotica of her novels – a trait for which she is especially known. Here she pushes her imagination further into the shifter genre. We get to know the Alexander Shifter Brothers – Kan, Jacob, and Cane. Cade Alexander is leader of the Alexander Clan.

The synopsis of CADE (Book 2 of the Alexander Shifter Brothers) offers a succinct version of this wild romantic venture – ‘Cade wants a wife but not love. As head of the Alexander Shifter Clan, all he cares about is his duty to clan business, to family… But they keep throwing women at him and he keeps rejecting them, again and again… and now rumors are spreading that maybe he doesn’t like women at all...So he does what he does best, he handles the situation... by ordering himself a bride! He could tell that Jacqui is a bit of an ice queen. But he wasn’t expecting her to be so breathtakingly beautiful… he wasn’t expecting the electrifying attraction between them and he wasn’t expecting that she could be the true queen of the Alexander Shifter Clan.’

Selina handles subject of shifting well and she has a gift she uses very well indeed. Grady Harp, January 18

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