Sunday, February 11, 2018

Book Review: 'Bullied? Only If I Let Her!' by Linda S. Locke

Ohio author Linda S. Locke, PhD has recently retired as an Elementary Principal of twenty-one years having been an educator for thirty-eight years. She specializes in working with students about how to help victims of bullying to find their voice and be victims no more. She has written four children’s books and this book – BULLIED? ONLY IF I LET HER! is ably illustrated by fourth grader Riley Johnson.

Stephanie is a young sensitive girl who is constantly put down by the mean little girl Kaitlyn. She discusses it with her guidance counselor Mr. Dankin who advises her to just ‘laugh it off’. Easier said than done as Kaitlyn bumps into Stephanie, laughs at her, and hurts her feelings – then seems to be happy that Stephanie is injured by Kaitlyn’s word and actions. Stephanie works with Mr. Dankin who advises her to practice the ‘I-don’t-care-what-you-say’ face. When Stephanie notices Kaitlyn is acting out with her friend Tonya, Stephanie uses her new advice and protects Tonya by passing on the ‘not being a victim’ attitude. Stephanie overcomes her problem of being bullied by heeding the sound advice – and putting into action – shared with her by her guidance counselor.

The message is excellent, the drawings are wonderfully spontaneous in black an white, and the entire book drives home an encouraging point about how to b=deal with bullies. Another winner for Linda Locke (and Riley Johnson!). Grady Harp, April 16

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