Thursday, February 1, 2018

Book Review: 'Bubbly the Pink Elephant' by Anton Sunberry

Ukrainian author Anton Sunberry writes children’s picture books and transmedia projects, some of which have already been turned into TV programs, interactive applications, and an animated feature film. Of note, Anton is a supporter of children’s edutainment and a co-founder of Superkids Tips, which is a parents’ community that teaches children how to cope with challenges at home, on the streets, at school, and with friends and family. Anton’s recent project entails publishing 10 picture books on, each of which will be the beginning of a separate book series. He is a highly awarded, exceptionally creative artist.

This book, beautifully illustrated by Margarita Gavrilova and Natalia Khranovskaya, introduces a boy who loved blowing bubbles more than anything, a trait that earned him the nickname ‘Blowfish’, His grandmother (the health supporter) warned that bubblegum was not good, but his Dad thought it helped him lose weight, and his mother thought bubblegum was absolutely useless. But Blowfish loved his bubble gum and when a contest for the biggest bubblegum bubble was announced he entered. The result – the biggest bubble ever – as big as an elephant, which is what that bubble became and gained the name Bubbly. Fun during the day but a pest at night and the following day. Grandpa suggested they take Bubbly to the zoo, but instead he and Blowfish took him to a circus. The circus refused to hire Bubbly so Dad suggested he work at the fire station. Refused again, Bubbly was taken to a ballet class – refused again. Finally the family decides to give Blowfish more bubblegum to blow another big bubble and the result is a new turquoise bubble that became an elephant (Sparkly) and joined Bubbly in flights in the sky. The two bubblegum elephants, with all the family’s help, joined the group at their countryside home – and everyone is happy.

Delightful story, exquisitely illustrated and full of ideas and lessons young children will learn and love. Highly Recommended. Grady Harp, November 17

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