Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Book Review: 'Bound For Freedom' by Marilyn Cruise

Marilyn Cruise teams with J. L. Rush in this new erotica series BOUND FOR FREEDOM of which this is Book 1. Marilyn has published another series THE CHAPEL SERIES and has a total of six books of erotica published. She also writes under another pen name, books that are historical romances and ones based on Norse mythology.

It is always rewarding to find that an author can switch genres of writing successfully and Marilyn most assuredly in one of those gifted authors. She (and her writing partner JL Rush) understands the now very popular Erotica arena and yet continues to write solidly constructed stories that weave the erotic elements into the escapade naturally. Readers my question the title – EXMO – and it is the acronym for ex-Mormon. The author obviously understands the intricacies of the Mormons, as she is able to sculpt her heroine’s dilemma realistically.

The synopsis is well stated: ‘I am weak, but also strong. My heart is broken, but fierce. I have given my all to my marriage and religion, yet have received nothing but pain in return. Now I start the journey of reclaiming my life. I am ready to become an exmo. Determined to escape a controlling husband and a lifetime of oppressive Mormon indoctrinations, Liz yearns to explore the previously forbidden parts of herself she has kept locked away—especially the darker sides of her sexuality. However, freeing herself from the past takes much more than she ever imagined. When Liz meets Daniel, a sexy Danish journalist, he shows her a world without limitations, where pleasure rules, and where obedience to him can grant her the experiences and freedom she seeks. But the new world goes completely against everything she once believed. Brimming with storms of ecstasy and emotional pitfalls, this carnal paradise is something she is entirely unprepared to handle.’

From the moment Liz meets Daniel on the steam rises. Marilyn writes the erotica scenes (and there are many of them) very well indeed. If this is Volume I of BOUND FOR FREEDOM Marilyn and JL have a winning concept and method of expressing it. Watch for Volumes II and II soon. Grady Harp, June 16

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