Thursday, February 15, 2018

Book Review: 'Blind Man's Bluff' by John Herrick

Though it is not unique for authors to take on characters who are blind (‘Wait until Dark’, ‘Scent of a Woman’, etc.) it is unusual to mold a main character who is blinded because of his service in the military and then being unable to continue combat (and most assuredly journalists in the war zone ARE combatants!)returns to the States to assume the role of a lawyer – blind, and constantly endangered by his combative personality, his history and his lack of sight. But new author has sculpted such a character in Tom McVann and in doing so has created a memorable hero about whom we wish to know more after reading this very fine thriller BLIND MAN’S BLUFF.

In this fast paced novel John Herrick appears to making his literary debut and he has found the means to appeal to a very wide audience – those who love thrillers, those who raise the flag for brave heroes with disabilities, those who enjoy a bit of steamy erotica, and those who respect the courage of a writer to place a story with many twists that demand close attention to plot detail to reach the most satisfying end.

John offers his own synopsis: ‘Tom McVann is angry. He's been angry since an RPG in Lebanon took away his sight and his job as an international reporter. He's angry that he's stuck in a beach town attending to the legal troubles of idiots. He's angry that a man was bleeding out right in the middle of his walk. He's angry that someone is willing to use any means from beating to drowning, to keep him from something. He's really angry that he doesn't even know what it is he isn't supposed to do. When Tom McVann gets angry, Tom McVann gets even. And God help anyone who gets in his way.’

To offer any more of a plot line would be a spoiler. John Herrick is a fine writer and if this book is an indicator of his skill he is In for a very successful career. Grady Harp, February 16

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