Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Book Review: 'Beautiful Potential' by J. Saman

Author J. Saman has written six novels in the past year and states that ‘writing contemporary romance books that have a bit of an edge is my thing. I'm a lover of picking at old wounds and second chance romances. I write smart, strong women and sexy alpha (slightly nerdy) men who have a softer side.’ Other than that we have no background information, but her novels speak for themselves.

Saman writes in a conversational style that is at once humorous and sexy and allows her characters to become three dimensional in a natural way. The Prologue introduces the lucid writing style – ‘“You ready for this?” My best friend Chloe says to me as she leans forward, and slightly across the girl sitting in between us. The girl leans back to accommodate my intrusive friend. “Like any second they’re going to call our names out and we’re going to walk across that stage and they’re going to put those things that have a name–that I don’t remember–over our necks and then we’re going to be midwives.” I laugh at my overly dramatic friend, shaking my head lightly. “Thanks for giving me the play-by-play. I was a bit nervous how this would all play out.” She winks at me. “But not anymore.” “Not anymore,” I concede, glancing around the room for the twentieth time in the last half hour. “Have you seen my parents anywhere?” I ask. “No, I haven’t. And I thought for sure when you went up to accept your Academic Achievement Award, your father would have screamed at the top of his lungs.” Me too. “Did you have to go and get freaking 4.0 and show us all up?” I shrug, just a little put off that my parents don’t seem to be here. And it’s not like I have my cell phone on me because I don’t. I’m wearing a black graduation gown which obviously has no pockets, and under that, a dress which also has no pockets. I didn’t bother to bring my purse because I didn’t want to carry it and now I’m regretting that decision.‘

The story in this book is well summarized in the author’s synopsis – ‘I met Dr. Finn Banner on the worst day of my life. It was supposed to be one of the best. The day you graduate and become a midwife shouldn’t end in heart-wrenching tragedy. One year later, I ran into him again. This time, he saved my life. Turns out my gorgeous savior and I now work together in the same hospital. And he can be as sweet and charming as they come. When he’s not brooding, short-tempered, and arrogant that is. Neither of us can fight our attraction. It’s strong enough to cause a cardiac arrest in the Emergency Department where he rules with an iron fist. But he’s hiding something. A secret that runs deep. I should stay away from him. Far away. There’s just one problem with that. How do you stay away from the man you think you’re falling for?
Not an uncommon story but one told with finesse and enough steamy erotica to keep the pages warm. J Saman is an author to watch. Grady Harp, February 18

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