Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Book Review: 'Bad Boys To The Core' Box Set by Various Authors

Note the nine authors’ names and you’ll have a good idea of where this novel is going. These ladies have been writing solid erotica – especially when Bad Boys are concerned – and you’ll notice several of the books in this generous 10 book bundle as stories you’ve already read. That is not a reason to pass this book by – the addition of a few new stories mixed in with the familiar ones makes the entire package that much more enjoyable. Open a box of chocolates and see if you are satisfied with just one! A novel by Vesper Vaughn – RESCUE ME: A Bad Boy Military Romance - may be new but the scenario is zesty: ‘ELLA: I need to put some distance between me and my psycho boyfriend before things go sideways. That means leaving California and going home - to Texas. But what waits for me looks like at least as much trouble - trouble in the form of my first crush, my first love, my first everything. Luke Davis wasn’t much more than a kid when he ran off to join the military. Now he's back after three of tours of duty and the only thing he wants to see is me. He’s six foot four of brawn and ink and menace and talking about second chances. LUKE: I broke Ella's heart eleven years ago and I should stay far, far away from that gorgeous, curvy temptation. But one look at her and I know I need her back. I want her in my arms and in my bed. She's skittish, for sure. But I won't let anything stand in my way. If her low-life ex shows up in town making more threats I'm going to show him and everyone else that Ella has always belonged to me.

Teams of writers of erotica are seen more frequently these days, and for those who think that placing nine writers in a collection will dilute the propulsion of a story, then read on - these nine authors complement each other in a grand noir manner.

The unifying element of these novels is the Bad Boy concept and these ladies explore many facets of this genre: ‘Deceived By The Hitman by Roxy Sinclaire and Alana Hart, Sentinel: Devil Riders MC by Ashley Rhodes, Bad Patient by JB Duvane and Natasha Tanner, Negotiation: A Mafia Love Story by R.E. Saxton, The Hitman’s Hookup by Vesper Vaughn, Mobster by Lacey St. Claire, Obsessed by Terry Towers, Alexei: A Mafia Love Story by R.E. Saxton, Faith by Terry Towers, Rescue Me by Vesper Vaughn

So read again the novels you’ve already read, and in conjunction with the others this is a ‘sure to satisfy’ collection of erotica. Grady Harp, June 16

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