Sunday, January 7, 2018

Book Review: 'The Wrong Drawers' by Misty Simon


Ivy is losing her mind. She moved miles away from home to have her own life and now her Dad has come to visit. It also doesn’t look like he’s going home any time soon. She has a hunky boyfriend she wants some alone time with and between working and her Dad, it isn’t going to happen. What’s a girl to do?
This is Ms. Simon’s second novel about Ivy. I haven’t read the first one but this one stood just fine on its own. I like her main character and Ivy’s squeeze. I also like the touch of having Dad around. Without seeming it should, it adds more spice to the story. Ms. Simon’s words flow well, the story fits together nicely and she keeps you wondering what will happen next.
To get some time away from her Dad, she agrees to help her girlfriend do a party. You know, like a Tupperware party. Except it’s not Tupperware they’re selling; it’s sexy stuff. Ivy gets a clue about that when she notices the shape of the cookies she’s icing…
If it isn’t bad enough she’s embarrassed by the party items, she has argument with the demonstrator and hides in the bathroom for a break. When she comes out, the woman is dead and she’s got Ivy’s scarf around her neck.
There’s a lot of give and take between all characters, more than one romance going on, and Ivy trying hard to prove her innocence. Despite all that, she’s still trying to find the time to have some loving of her own. You have to admire her persistence and her ability to cope when everything seems to be going against her.
I found it to be an interesting cozy mystery with an odd mystery and enough love for everybody. What more could you want?

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