Friday, January 5, 2018

Book Review: 'The Wrong Cowboy' by Lauri Robinson


Lauri Robinson, as usual, serves up a delightful, compelling romance and adventure that sweeps the reader into the actions and emotions from page one. The Wrong Cowboy bubbles with life, love, and conflict—both personal and public.
Marie Hall may not have been blessed with a family or name, but she’s blessed with determination and intelligence aplenty. She needs all her innate abilities and her training to be sure the six orphaned Meeker children are not separated nor are they ever hungry or feel unsafe.
When things do not turn out as planned, she figures them out as she goes along. She soon finds her training to be a nursemaid had not covered a LOT of things she needs to know in order to cope with her and the children’s situation and with the rather overpowering Stafford Burleson. In her figuring out how to solve her lack-of-knowledge problem, she brings Gertrude Baker into their lives, who educates, nurtures, and adds to their quality of life.
Stafford Burleson, a hardworking rancher/business man, thinks he has his life set up just the way he wants it. A modern quote from Steve Jobs: “people don’t know what they want until you show it to them” fits Stafford so well. Stafford has authorization to handle his partner Mick Wagner’s business while Mick is on a cattle buying trip. Stafford never dreamed he’d have to cope with a “haughty” nursemaid and six children. My goodness, how his world does change! Problems, humor and emotional upheaval abound.
Lauri Robinson develops the characters so well. The personality of each of the six children shines. Each is distinctly his or her own person. Moreover, even the minor characters seem to come to life. Of course, the antagonist is really memorable.
The energy, determination, and bustle of building a solid community in the late nineteenth century in a settled but still raw frontier, the excitement of the railroad bringing prosperity, and the dedication of people, all come alive in The Wrong Cowboy right along with a beautiful love story that makes the heart happy. GOOD READING!

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