Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Book Review: 'A Winter Wedding' by Amanda Forester


Love, mystery and a plot to overthrow the king is just a taste of what this story has to offer. As Penelope and James try to figure out if they are capable of love, let alone loving one another, they seem to have to fight the elements as well and danger at every turn.
Penelope was by far my favorite character in the story. She was not what you would expect from a woman during the time period, in all the right ways. She is determined, independent and smart. She will not accept a life of dutifully following behind a man even if the man is the Duke of Marchford. She would rather a life without a husband that to be pitied or wed for the wrong reasons. Unlike her peers whom seem to throw themselves at the poor Duke. I can understand why he wants her as his bride so badly as she is truly a catch.
James has everything a man would want of his statue. Yet underneath it all he is still a lonely child abandoned by those who should have loved him. It has created a rash, sensible man who fears he is incapable of love. While he may not realize it, to me it was obvious he was much more capable than he knew. It was not his words that showed but his actions that clearly he cared for Penelope fondly and would do anything even take a bullet for her. Unfortunately for him, he had to prove just how willing he would be taken said bullet on more than one occasion.
The plot line in the story is extremely dynamic and entertaining. I love the mystery behind the spies. Not only do you not know who they are, but their intentions are keep secret until the very end. This long with the love line, and interesting array of sub-characters made this story truly entertaining, and at times I did not want to put it down. While I am fairly new to historical romances this one is definitely a stand out to me and I would highly recommend you reading it.

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