Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Book Review: 'Wild Play' by Harper Lauren

Harper Lauren made her writing debut with CATCHNG LOVE. Brief tough this little novella is it stands as a marker by which we can evaluate and enjoy her upcoming books. She now has started a new series Wild Boys Sports Romances of which HARD GAME is Book 1.

This time the ‘game’ is between Stryder, a football player and Tasha, a professional stuntwoman – a woman with many types of stunts to her credit. Harper sums the interplay well – ‘Her words push me away. But her eyes tell a different story. Following in my father’s footsteps meant The Game. I found my way to the Professionals Running through cash and women at a breakneck speed. I never wanted a relationship. Nope, thank you very much. Then the hot daredevil strolled into my life. Tasha’s a stuntwoman with legs for days. Her edge drives me wild. Her passion awakens the beast inside me. Yet she refuses to settle for less than what she deserves. Ironic. The man upstairs has to be laughing at me now. But she’s the one. Mine to own. Mine to claim. I will do anything in my power to keep her. But can I convince her before she walks away for good?’

This is one hot romance between two radically independent (by also needy) ‘players’. Grady Harp, January 18

This book is free to borrow from Kindle Unlimited

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