Sunday, January 14, 2018

Book Review: 'What I Love About You' by Rachel Gibson


Rachel Gibson is one of the romance novels authors that I like a lot. I read almost all of her books. She writes good, often funny contemporary romance novels, with interesting plots, lovable characters (both main and secondary one), charming stories, great romances and often very hot lovemaking scenes. I’m glad to say that What I Love About You is not an exception.
What I love About You is Natalie Cooper and Blake Junger’s story and is taking place in Truly, Idaho. Like in her previous books, Gibson captures all the good and bad sides of the small town, all the things that in the end make this place charming. Furthermore, the secondary characters enrich this story a lot. I would honorably mention Charlotte and Sparky. Charlotte is Natalie Cooper’s five year old daughter, and Sparky is a stray dog. Sometimes such a combination of cuteness does not work well, but in this case it worked absolutely fantastic. Charlotte and Sparky do not make the story saccharine sweet, they make it truly funny and lovable adding to it additional charm and cuteness.
Although it might seem that this is light love story, it is definitely not. Gibson is dealing with some pretty difficult issues that affect either war veterans or retired soldiers. These issues are PTSD, alcoholism and adjusting to civilian life after active military service. Gibson incorporates them well in the story.
What I also liked are the main characters. They are both vulnerable. Natalie had her life turned upside down when her ex-husband left her pregnant; she manages to put her life back on the track, but she does not trust men easily. Blake, who is a classical alpha male character, is so flawed and full of unresolved issues. But these imperfections make him even more interesting. The chemistry between Natalie and Blake is palpable and all aspects of their relationship are realistic.
What I Love About You is a cozy and comfortable romance novel that deals with some serious war trauma issues. This new novel by Rachel Gibson is worth reading. I think it will satisfy every contemporary romance reader and the novel is fun too.

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