Sunday, January 21, 2018

Book Review: 'Vampire Trouble' by Sara Humphreys


Maya Robertson is a young vampire with a bit of a penchant for inviting trouble. When that trouble includes sentry Shane Quesada, all bets are off. What could possibly make the already tense situation any more tense? The addition of werewolf royalty, of course! When a good time turns into a desperate situation, all Maya and Shane have to rely on is each other. But can they stop arguing long enough to stop what has been started?
I was excited to see that the second installment of Sara Humphreys’ Dead in the City series included two of my favorite secondary characters from the first novel – Shane and Maya. These two are a complete mismatch on paper, but work wonderfully well together when put to the test.
Shane intrigues me because he’s several hundred years old and is a total alpha male solely because men had to be in those days. Although alpha males have a tendency to seriously irk me, when they are born of a time when men had to be men – not because they wanted to be the Big Man but because the villagers’ lives depended on it – I find it much easier to deal with. Shane Quesada is one of these men. However, even though he is a warrior through and through, he finds a way to be everything that Maya needs.
Maya, on the other hand, is an extremely troubled youngling vampire. Having been savagely attacked and left for dead on the night of her turning, Maya can’t remember anything that came before that night. What she learns about herself in this book is both fascinating and unique. I think I liked learning her back story more than anyone else’s to date.
Vampire Trouble is a fun and sexy follow up to Tall, Dark and Vampire. You get a glimpse of Olivia and Doug’s continued life as bloodmates (and parents!) as well as new and interesting characters you haven’t met before. For me, the best part was the addition of the world of the gypsies and how it relates back to the main story. I would love to see more of this later in the series. Ms. Humphreys’ Dead in the City series has a little bit of everything: vampires, shifters, babies, magic, mayhem and more.

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