Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Book Review: 'Turn Your Setbacks Into Comebacks' by Rick McDaniel

Virginia author Rick McDaniel earned his degrees form Duke University and is the Founder/Senior Pastor of Richmond Community Church in Richmond, VA and a regular on television and in speaking engagements. His books to date include THE KING’S WARIOR, ROCKET ARROWS, FEEL GOOD ABOUT LIFE AGAIN, LIFE IS GOOD WHEN YOU PERSEVERE THROUGH PROBLEMS, ASHVILLE FOOD, AN IRRESISTABLE HISTORY OF SOUTHERN FOOD and several recordings for the High Impact Living series.

In the introduction to this Christian oriented book Rick states, ‘Fear also turns us into control freaks. A setback leaves us with such a sense of loss of control we end up wanting to control even more whatever we can control. This is very negative in many aspects of our lives. It’s a negative from a relational standpoint. It’s a negative from a spiritual standpoint. You can try to do everything yourself as if God isn’t even real and doesn’t even work in your life. You try to control things because you feel that so many things are out of control. You can’t believe in your comeback and be a control freak. Another negative as fear takes hold of our lives is it makes security our god. Now our true god is security and safety. What we seek out is the safest thing, the safest place, the most secure feeling. But God never placed you on this earth to be safe. He placed you on this earth for a great adventure of how He is going to work in your life. And you will miss out on so much that God has for you if you try to build these safety walls or you try to hunker down into your bunker and make everything safe. You cannot create security and safety for yourself as hard as you may try.’

Rick moves through this book with the following steps - Believing in Your Comeback, Reasons for a Setback, Lessons from a Setback, Ready for a Comeback, Components of a Comeback, Steps to a Comeback, Relational Comeback, Financial Comeback, Career Comeback, Health Comeback, Spiritual Comeback, Completing Your Comeback, and Ten Greatest Comebacks of All Time.

Heavily spiritually oriented, Rick’s book feels like a personal session. His honest approach and caring are evident, and many will find solace here. Grady Harp, November 17
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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