Friday, January 26, 2018

Book Review: 'Trust Me' by Nora LeDuc

Cover_Trust Me

Nora LeDuc opens Trust Me with an unexpected dramatic scene that forewarns readers about the levels of the thrills to come in this gripping novella.
Nash McCain, single Dad to an always-worried daughter Lanie, meets the lovely Ela Danforth in circumstances well outside his usual “mother-introduces special woman” way. It’s rural New Hampshire, picturesque but a little out of the way, and how much romance potential could there be in an accidental meeting?
Ela’s life is complex, although her feelings aren’t. There seems all kinds of hope for a future developing from this chance meeting… but the unexpected lurks out there in the form of someone’s ill-will. Nash is interesting, but readers will quickly find themselves caught up in Ela’s predicament.
Uncovering what really happened in those opening events becomes important; but also, terribly, terribly dangerous. Suz, the younger sister Ela has charge of, might have been involved in something, but Ela has no idea exactly what. She fears for her sister, but Suz is by no means the only one in danger. We readers have a peek at the danger, the growing animosity – but does Ela understand? Will she turn to the one person she can really trust? Questions and fears only grow as the story continues. Romance is no mere second fiddle in this plot, either, as so much hinges on Ela allowing the right person to help.
Some better idea of setting – of the town and distances between some of the events would have added a better sense of how some specific events transpired. After initially placing events in the White Mountain area of NH, it could have been anywhere.  On the other hand, conversations were completely natural and believable, and the suspense built steadily and unpredictably. Trust Me is a must read.

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