Saturday, January 27, 2018

Book Review: 'Through The Dom’s Lens' by Doris O’Connor


The blurb for Through the Dom’s Lens reads “Sometimes doing a favor can change your life forever…” and though I’m usually skeptical about this type of thing, the truth is that sometimes it can happen. That’s the case with Sally when she stands in for her sister at a modeling shoot. Though she doesn’t consider herself model material, Sally tries anyway because she really wants to meet the famous photographer, Junsako.
Contemporary and with characters that are realistically human for the most part, the beauty of Through the Dom’s Lens is that it is relatable.
Sally is an ordinary woman with curves and therefore, thinks herself as less than perfect. This is something I could easily relate with as today’s media only sells products with thin models that have flat stomachs and perfectly tones legs. Sally is not like this. She’s full of insecurities and fears, but Junsako loves her just the same and helps her see that she’s beautiful the way she is.
Junsako, on the other hand, is–allow me a dreamy sigh here–perfect. He’s sweet when he needs to be and at the same time, dominant. Plus, he’s hot, intelligent, successful, talented…
The chemistry between them is from the beginning off the charts. However, one thing I didn’t like about the novel, was that after a night of passion, Sally remembers Akiro (Junsako’s assistant and previous sub). I found it out of place for her to suddenly remember the other woman so late in the story, even if the author resolves the issue more or less nicely.
Regardless of this, Through the Dom’s Lens is a must read. Ms. O’Connor paints not only sizzling sex scenes but more. Through her words she made me see the same thing Junsako saw in Sally and in a way in me as I immersed myself in the story and became her, and I can assure you, it was truly beautiful.

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