Thursday, January 11, 2018

Book Review: 'Theirs to Share' by Trista Ann Michaels


It’s in a doctor’s nature to rush to help someone in pain, this need is what causes Cheyenne to witness the execution of an FBI agent while in the woods camping. She is then rushed into Witness Protection with FBI agents Grayson and Parker as her protectors.
The tension between the men and Cheyenne only ramps up as they hide out and she learns that the cousins like to share women. She’s intrigued but fights the attraction for a while, and I had to admire her strength. She had two very hot men wanting to worship her body and she held out. I like Cheyenne, she was a strong heroine, and new her mind and went for what she wanted.
Grayson and Parker were great heroes, who seemed together to complement each other perfectly and in such a way that a permanent ménage is very believable with these three. There is a paranormal angle that is unique, but not necessarily needed for the story to work. I liked it, but this could have been a solid story without it.
I enjoyed the suspense, the chemistry and the way the author handled all the elements in this story smoothly, I definitely recommend it to ménage romance fans who like a bit of action in their stories.

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