Friday, January 19, 2018

Book Review: 'Their Temporary Sub' by Mardi Maxwell


What’s better than one sexy male? How about two–mirror image twins! Cassie knows she is in trouble, she also knows she can’t be around the twins…no matter how much she wants them. The twins are ex-marines like her father. They are also Doms and all around bossy males. They have their sights set on Cassie. Obtaining Cassie will not be one of their easiest missions, but will it be worth it?
Even though Cassie has no “real” family, she seems to have people around her she considers to be that family. When the poo hits the fan, what will be important is who is left standing.
The BDSM scenes were well put together. Some knowledge and passion about the lifestyle showed through. The story line flowed well and the book was just about the right length for all that it had going on, though I had to re-read a couple of spots before I got the full effect.
This is the third book in the series, so not quite a stand alone, but if you have read the secondary characters’ back stories, then a few scenes in this one will make more sense. I haven’t read books 1 and 2, yet I still could make sense of the story line and loved it. I was all for the twins taking Cassie as their sub, however a few times my hand itched to strangle the twins. Other readers might even want to strangle Cassie a time or two, but that irritation was offset by the author engaging my feelings for Cassie.
Luc, Logan and Cassie had me huffing, puffing and lapsing into giggles – all good things. Their Temporary Sub was a very enjoyable read and I’d recommend it.

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