Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Book Review: 'Texas Twist' by Cynthia D’Alba


Texas Twist is the fourth book in the Montgomery Mavericks Series. It is a wonderful story full of emotions, heartache and passion. To put it simply, Texas Twist is another fabulous job by Cynthia D’Alba.
It’s finally time for the youngest Montgomery brother to get his happy ending. Cash is a cocky, self assured, two time championship bull rider. He thought he had everything until that one bad ride when he almost lost his life. Now, he’s feeling the damage and drowning his sorrows in whiskey. But then fate steps in with a second chance when a woman from his past shows up and helps him get back in the saddle. So to speak ….
Paige Ryan fell for Cash when she was just a teenager. She gave him her heart and her virginity only to watch him walk away afterward. He broke her heart and she’s determined to not repeat the mistake again. But, who could resist a sexy, smooth talking cowboy ?
This book really tugged at my heart. Cash was such a great character as he struggled to find himself. He’d really lost the one thing that made him who he was and now he had to look deep inside.This book had so many emotional scenes that it’s hard for me to picka favorite one. There was this one part where Cash was feeling like an outsider in the family, there were a couple where he started to realize that he had a drinking problem, and then again when he was so panic stricken at something that happened near the end and he realized that his brothers only wanted to help him. See? It had too many great scenes to choose from. Paige was absolutely the best woman to help our lost cowboy. She’s strong and has had to cope with her own loss over the years. She’s such a calming influence on the troubled Cash without even meaning to at first. Then there was the sexual chemistry that was there, and a truth that she found her way into his heart a long time ago.
The book had a great plot. The broken cowboy part really did it for me, you know. It was impossible not to instantly connect with him. I liked the characters and romance and especially the hot love scenes. I especially liked that all the Montgomerys came together in this one. As usual, the writing was excellent with a smooth flow that made it easy to read. It also had a couple of twists here and there, a bit of edgy drama, and a couple of secrets that were revealed. Aside from the romance, this one is all about family and Cash finding his true self worth. It’s about healing from a broken heart and a battered spirit. Most of all, it’s a really wonderful story.
I loved this one. It really stood out for me in every way. Finally, let me just say that while I’ve truly enjoyed them all, Texas Twist will remain my favorite.

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