Friday, January 12, 2018

Book Review: 'Tell Me Something Good' by Jamie Wesley


I love stories where there’s a lot of tension and animosity between the main characters, tension that slowly grows into something different, something more. Tell Me Something Good has a nice amount of competitiveness and conflicts between Noelle and Tate, and each scene makes it clearer that the tension is the result of their mutual attraction and their fear to admit it. All this made the chemistry between Noelle and Tate sizzling.
Not that the stubborn Noelle would ever admit it. I found her an intriguing character with a lot of depth and emotional richness. Perhaps Tate was a bit more stereotypical than her, but he was still convincing in his role as the hero of the novel. Their slow realization of what they felt for each other was tantalizing and well paced. However, there was a slump in pace in the second half of the novel where there’s a long scene where Tate pampers Noelle. While it showed his feelings for her, I felt it was a bit overdone and went on for too long.
What was really great about Tell Me Something Good was the dialogue – very appropriate for a story with radio talk show hosts as the main characters. The verbal sparring between Noelle and Tate was very passionate and hot and it testified to the tension between them.
If you’re looking for a story with juicy dialogue and a heated conflict between the characters, this one’s for you. You’ll grow to love the emotionally scarred protagonists, laugh at their bickering and melt as they grow to love each other. This novel has something good to tell you.

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