Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Book Review: 'Teacher's Virgin' by Lexi Whitlow

Southern author Lexi Whitlow has divided her time between Virginia and North Carolina and earned her degree in English literature. Now she writes novels whose main subjects are bad boys - fighters, tough-as-nails cowboys, bikers, and criminals - and she has published seven novels of this genre to date.

Lexi’s talent (at least one of them) is slowly creating an atmosphere that begins to breathe erotica. A simple introduction between Hayes and Chloe mutates into a passionate affair between and older man and a younger virginal woman.

Lexi’s synopsis states it well – ‘He's my dad's old friend. My guardian. My mentor. And a bad boy with a big package. I'm planning to give him my v-card, no matter the consequences. The man of my darkest fantasies lives right across the street--and he's off limits. I've always played by the rules. But Hayes makes me want to break every one. I can't stop thinking about the rumors...He's dominant. He's skilled. And he's got a huge reputation. When I'm broke and homeless, he offers me a place to stay. I can't refuse, and soon I'm begging to be his. The scandal threatens to destroy us both--But the destruction is oh so sweet, And neither of us wants to let go, even when we're both going up in flames.’

Lexi knows her way around Chick Lit tales and this one is not only steamy and hot but also very well written. And she adds another story at book’s end - GUARDING HER – and it is worth the wait. Grady Harp, January 18

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