Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Book Review: 'Sweet to the Taste' by Alyssa Cole


Callie Jane Robert hasn’t had much luck in the relationship department, but a night at her friend’s wedding could bring about a change.
At a beautiful traditional Indian wedding for Callie’s best friend, Priyal, Callie is introduced to a ganharva, a man who sings Indian music. Per Priyal’s nani ganharva are magical and very handsome and skilled musicians. Callie soon finds this to be true when the sensual sounds have her body vibrating with his music.
In an oasis of beauty the battle between her rational mind has short circuit her inhibitions once the mystical ganharva gives Callie overdue moments of fulfillment.
This short erotic tale has a poetic flow that paints a visual picture of the surrounding scenery. The author’s words offer a visual seduction that were a pleasure to read. I liked how the author let the moment happen. Callie found pleasure but wasn’t greedy to want more, which sometimes can mess things up. She didn’t over think it; she lived in the moment happen. A hot short read with a ending that wasn’t predictable.
Being that the story was short it didn’t leave much space to build a connection with the characters. It was more of a I can relate because I am a woman with fantasies. How many women haven’t fantasied about being the center of a handsome talented man’s desire?
This is a recommended quick read that will surely have your mouth ready for something sweet to taste.

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