Saturday, January 13, 2018

Book Review: 'Stately Pleasures' by Lucy Felthouse


A romp in the countryside is perfect for spicing up a girls love life especially when not one but two men want in on the action!
Stately Pleasures follows the story of Alice, a graduate who has taken up a managerial job in an English stately home. She’s thrilled with her new role that will help her up the career ladder. But when she catches her boss Jeremy in a compromising position things get awkward. Even more so when his head of security Ethan joins in with the escapade and the two men give her an ultimatum she just can’t refuse. There’s a touch of blackmail going on here but…well, it all makes for a fun premise!
This is a face paced book – which suits me – with well rounded characters and a delicious ‘Downton Abbey’ setting! The sex scenes are hot but they take a while to get going making it believable, and then once they do, oh my goodness, ereader on fire time!
I liked the maze scene. I enjoyed the dialogue and banter between the three characters. The sex grew in intensity as did the characters feelings for one another. There’s lots to like in Stately Pleasures and I’ll certainly be reading more from Ms Felthouse who gets erotic romance just right – it hits the spot!

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