Saturday, January 6, 2018

Book Review: 'Snared by Saber' by Shelley Munro


This is a fun story about sexy were-cats in space. Seems Earth’s environment turned poisonous to the were-felines in Middlemarch of the future so they left this old rock and found a new home. The thing about new home planets, there are some creatures already residing there, and some aren’t too friendly. It’s a built-in conflict of survival. However, it’s not necessarily reserved for survival of life, it’s also of the mind. The guy cats are going nuts because they NEED some female cats and there’s none to be had. What do about it is the second conflict and the main one that provides all the entertainment for a reader.
Things are very science fiction-ish in this tale. Saber is operating a space resort – or trying to. The first few chapters is spent setting up the world building and introducing a reader to the lingo, the issues and challenges, and the main players that will initially surround and help or hinder the hero, Saber. That includes the heroine, Eva, who is not of Earth but another planet altogether. Her planet has its own challenges and amazingly enough, greed and dysfunctional family squabbles follow human nature even into space. The heroine’s issues present a third conflict for a reader to enjoy. There’s no shortage of adventures, suspense or drama in this novel. Saber has his hands full in trying to woo and win his reluctant mate.
I was a bit overwhelmed in the beginning because of all the unfamiliar terms. My reading time slowed considerably because I spent time digesting the newness of the words, their meaning and their effect on the main protagonists. Once that was out of the way, the author focused on what she does so well – her characters and the romance. Once Saber and Eva are alone in the uninhabited part of the island, the tale became about him and her and their growing relationship provides the most entertainment value. Saber may have teeth and claws at times but there’s something on the island that has talons 100% of the time and it’s scary. I liked that. There are a couple of other surprises too that I felt were a nice touch. One was blue and the other hot with vegetables. You’ll have to read it to find out what I’m talking about.
One aspect of books by Ms. Munro is the smoking hot sex that her characters experience between the pages. Readers will find many opportunities to use their personal fans as they follow the growth of Eva and Saber’s physical attraction and culmination – numerous times. Erotic fans should be very satisfied. Obviously not as replete as Saber and Eva however, especially with that scene in the hut. Whoa!
I know in the blurb it mentions how reluctant Eva is to stay with Saber. That’s an understatement. She makes some rather poor choices that I felt were totally stupid. What saves it is Saber. He let her know that they were stupid and then he chose action to express his viewpoint. It was very effective and another bit of hot writing. Ultimately, Eva regained my respect because she stepped back and realized something. She was CHOSEN. For her, that is absolutely huge and a pivotal moment. Readers will only understand how profound that is once they’ve read the story. I liked her best at that crucial scene. It made what came after real, hopeful and it justifies my belief in their happy ever after.
There are also plenty of humorous scenes, dialogue and interaction so the drama of survival is mitigated by the lighthearted banter and silly things Eva says. The author made me smile many times as I read the book.
Erotic romance readers should find a lot to like and enjoy in Snared by Saber. Ms. Munro consistently provides her fans with stories of love on the wild side, however this novel is a bit more wild than usual. I really liked it and would definitely recommend it to readers. I especially enjoyed the sci-fi aspect of it as it provided something refreshing and out of the ordinary for me. Sometimes, cats in space are a very good thing.

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