Saturday, January 20, 2018

Book Review: 'Sherlock Holmes And the Mystery of Einstein’s Daughter' by Tim Symonds


Old world flavor blends with traditional skulduggery and classic clue-chasing in Tim Symonds’ Sherlock Holmes And the Mystery of Einstein’s Daughter. Although Holmes has become a popular character to recreate in various forms, here, fans will be delighted to discover a story written in classic Arthur Connan Doyle style, with all the old characters; all quite familiar, but facing an entirely new challenge.
If you charge forward through the earliest pages (given in the classic pre-commentary of Dr. Watson) you will be drawn in to what becomes an increasingly intriguing historic mystery. Indeed, there is perhaps too many a mention of things many a reader will already know: Holmes’ death, return, and intentions, explained a touch thoroughly by the good doctor, before we reach the relief of the first conversation.
However, the story picks up quite suddenly and we are confronted with Dr. Watson’s challenge of getting Holmes back to the infamous Reichenbach Falls, for reasons of his own. A brilliant new adversary emerges as the daring two set off abroad. Switzerland will prove no safe haven for the two; Holmes must hastily deduce a code and recall an old one, much to Watson’s surprise.
Although the two have their own challenges, they are soon also confronted with the question “What of Lieserl?” The answer could upset Albert Einstein’s opportunities prior to his first great findings… Could Einstein’s fate suddenly have fallen into Holmes’ hands?
Baker street, bookshops and tiger-skin carpets, Holmes’ deductive skills and Watson’s amazement at his friend’s abilities; all are as familiar as the cherry-bowled pipe to Holmes’ fans, although Symonds achieves a totally new Holmes mystery in his “Einstein’s Daughter.” The characters, conversations, and even the tone achieved are all so very perfect: Holmes fans will be delighted with this latest mystery. Mention of earlier cases are especially fun for those who will recall the various events.
You should deduce from this review that Sherlock Holmes And the Mystery of Einstein’s Daughter must indeed be your very next read.

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