Saturday, January 6, 2018

Book Review: 'A Secret to Die For' by Sierra Dean


Everything was supposed to be better now. For Secret McQueen, life should have finally been good; she had one man she was committed to, her two most dangerous enemies were dead and she was ready to settle down with her sweetie and live a relatively normal life. But when they got back to New York, they found the city burning, and the dead were walking all over town. Now Secret has to face the greatest challenge of all, stop the people trying to destroy the city, save her friends and stay alive herself. Can Secret find new allies to battle against the threat facing the city? Will everyone survive this one? Will Secret finally have her happy ever after with the man she loves, or is fate still against her?
A Secret to Die For is the final offering in Sierra Dean’s intriguing series featuring wolf shifters, vampires and ordinary people working to keep humanity safe and live their lives. This is a complex and intriguing world, where anything can, and often does, happen, and people are real and likeable and feel like old friends. I have been with Secret from the beginning, and enjoyed watching her grow and mature into the adult she has become, and it has been quite the journey.
Secret has finally made her decision on the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with, and she is ready and willing to ‘settle down’ and follow her heart. She is also sad to know that she hurt a friend, and that it may take a while for him to be friends with her without romance. I like this adult Secret, and I was glad to see she was still ready and willing to take care of business to save ‘her’ city, using old allies and making a few new alliances along the way. There were some very tearful moments as two people close to her did not survive this last disaster, and I was surprised at who proved themselves in the final battle as well.
This one has the usual cast of characters: Desmond, Secret’s werewolf lover, Holden Chancery, her vampire lover and mentor, Secret’s two human friends Mercedes and Tyler, and Secret’s sister. All of them, along with Lucas and Keaty, make appearances here, and the battles to defeat the evil necromancers were all well fought and coordinated. There were some major characters lost in this one, and a final surprise that I did not expect, but I found this to be a totally satisfying finale to Secret McQueen’s story. I highly recommend this series for anyone who enjoys some conflict with their happy ever after, but be warned…there are lots of tears in this one, so bring more than one box of tissues.

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