Friday, January 12, 2018

Book Review: 'A Seal’s Fantasy' by Tawny Weber


If this book had a play list The Doors “I Love You, Won’t you Tell Me Your Name” would have to be at the top. That’s how perfect the chemistry was between Dominic and Lara. They locked eyes and that’s all it took. Of course, it’s a lot more complicated than that. Dominic is on an assignment to protect Lara from being used as a method of retaliation due to the assignment her brother Phillip in involved in as the team leader of the SEALS unit Dominic is a part of .
Dominic can’t stand Phillip and he blames him for having to sit out of their current assignment. He is still fuming over the way things turned out when he comes face to face with his ultimate fantasy, a dancer… who also happens to be the target and Phillip’s estranged sister, which is the ultimate irony.
I have read a few other books in this series and this one is the best so far. This is certainly a super steamy romance but it also has a lot of depth. I found myself swallowing back a lump in my throat once. When men see that you have a problem, many times instead of listening and letting you just talk it out and get it off your chest, they feel compelled to fix the problems for you . It’s really sweet, but sometimes we don’t want them to fix things for us. Dominic wanted to see a broken family come together but, he also had some doubts about Lara he needed to put to rest. So, I could see this playing out in real life and that made the story more emotional. A wonderful story of true love, adults growing up emotionally, compromising, and accepting life’s curve balls, building bridges , family bonds , and of course true love. Well done!

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