Saturday, January 13, 2018

Book Review: 'Right Kind of Wrong' by Chelsea Fine


There’s no better feeling than coming across a great road trip story. I love those, and I loved Right Kind of Wrong for all the right reasons: great main characters, good story-telling, intense conflict, well-written plot.
There was chemistry between Jenna and Jack the first time we see them together. As we get to follow their story, the dynamics between them become only more intense and captivating. While Jack’s devotion to Jenna was bittersweet to watch as she kept refusing his advances, the real magic was happening inside Jenna. Her inner struggle between what she felt and what her mind wanted was very well-written.
Jack’s secrets and his past life could easily sound unnatural and forced because that ‘old’ Jack was so different to the man Jenna knows, but even that blast from the past fit into the story perfectly, adding to Jack’s character, not making him less real. Not to mention that the intense experience, the fear and excitement help Jenna see him in a new light – or rather see her own feelings for him in a new light. The intriguing subplot also adds suspense to the story and speeds up the pace of the second half of the novel.
There was little I didn’t like about this book. One of those things was – considering how hung up on her plan Jenna was – the smooth ending that didn’t feel realistic. Maybe more struggling with the relationship on her part would feel more in-character. But they deserved a happy ending, so that was what they got. Some secondary characters felt too flat, such as Pixie, Kayla, Daren. Others, like Jack’s brothers and Mom, were a delight to read. Some of the dialogue and scenes felt a little bit contrived, as if they were only there to give additional information about the story or characters.
But with Jenna and Jack in the forefront, any faults can be overlooked. Their vivid portrayal made me want them to be real. Jenna’s feistiness, and Jack’s patience and loyalty were a wonderful combination for their road trip. It was a journey I enjoyed from the beginning to the very end.

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