Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Book Review: 'Return to Me' by Melissa MacKinnon


Enemies turned lovers – what could go wrong, right? Turns out everything could…
When Brynn, the daughter of a lord and nobleman of Galhaven, is found in a compromising position, she is punished without investigation of the incident. However, when Marek finds out that the girl who nursed his brother to health was about to be punished, he kidnaps her to save her from that fate. Being that Marek is Archaean and Brynn is of Engel, both the people of Archaean and Engels had always had a dislike towards each other, this long held hatred is clearly shown between the two. The journey for them is not easy. Riddled with potholes and mountains, their journey towards each other and peace between them is long but well worth it.
The story woven by the author is fantastic. There is not only action but humor/comedy, romance and fantasy. All of these are intertwined with the characters and shows perfect harmony. I was lost in the book. Being that this is a historical book I was very skeptical at first because it seems that writers sometimes struggle to keep the dialogue and setting in its proper era. That means even the dresses, the houses, and villagers-everything-should be from that era. The descriptions were all I could have imagined. The author painted every scene in my mind so it was almost like I was watching it all happen right in front of my eyes.
The chemistry between Marek, the bounty hunter, and Brynn, the Royal, is sizzling and hot. The chemistry didn’t dwindle down with the development of the plot, it just matured, strengthened and burned brighter. Readers shouldn’t be disappointed with that in the least. The way the plot was developed, so intricate, I’d never have guessed that this is the writer’s first novel to be published. Everything fit and flowed seamlessly. From the smallest detail to the most exciting action sequence it made sense and surprised me at the end. I never thought that the story could go like this. I believe readers will be surprised but very happy with the results of it.
Sizzling romance, action and fantasy steeped in history, anyone who believes love conquers all will love this novel.

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