Monday, January 15, 2018

Book Review: 'Prudence and the Professor' by Sibelle Stone


This steampunk romance is set in Montana in the days of the war between the states. Prudence, a war widow with an independent streak, travels to Jubilee to take up the post of secretary to the inventor Gerritt Rhinehart. She assumes this gentleman to be a crusty old professor, boy was she in for a surprise.
Likewise Gerritt assumes she is old maidish which is good as women who come to Jubilee tend to become wives in a very short time due to the lack of women.  Love blossoms, but they try unsuccessfully to fight their feelings for each other.
This is a great story of an almost elastic relationship as the main characters are drawn together then pull apart. In the background the war casts a shadow on Jubilee and a traitor in the town is attempting to steal Gerritt’s plans for a war machine and this also puts Prudence in danger.
Ms Stone introduces the heat of passion and the frustrations which come from this passion in a very intriguing manner. Add to this the danger of being in the middle of nowhere with the enemy coming closer and the tension builds to breaking point. Most steampunk books are set in Victorian England so one set in historic America makes a pleasant, fresh change.
Nicely done Ms Stone, the controversy between hero and heroine kept me reading with interest.

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