Friday, January 5, 2018

Book Review: 'The Paris Winter' by Imogen Robertson


The Belle epoque–what a great time to be alive!
I love books set at the turn of the century. This was my favorite time to study art… and the clothes! Oh my. Imogen Robertson conveys the opulence and the decadence of the period well. Her writing is exciting and drew me in right away.
I have to admit, the book isn’t exceedingly complex, but for me that was okay. I liked immersing myself in the worlds of Yvette, Maud and Tanya. All three show different parts of society at the time. I rooted for all of them. Yvette was my favorite because she was the most realistic. She held her own and managed to keep her true background hidden. That took a lot of guts.
The scenes and characters are written beautifully. I felt like I was there with them, looking at the art and learning about the artists. I loved my time in Paris via this book.
There is a little bit of mystery to the story, but I wouldn’t classify the book as a mystery. It’s more of an air of mystery that adds to the story.
If you want to meet interesting characters, visit a lush Paris, and lose yourself for a few hours, then this might be the book you’ve been looking for.

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