Friday, January 26, 2018

Book Review: 'Paradise Point' by Dana Volney


Liv Barnett may not like swimming, but she’s ready to dive into her new life when the chance presents itself.
What I loved about Liv was her feisty character. She’s such a wonderful person I instantly found myself rooting for her and wanting for her bad luck to change. When we first meet her, her life is headed nowhere, and she’s not even sure where she wants it to go. But then the wise and friendly Vam makes sure her life is turned upside down when she bequeaths Liv half of Paradise Point marina.
When Adam shows up to see for himself who his co-owner of the Marina is, the chemistry between him and Liv just jumps off the page. Their scenes are so skillfully written that I couldn’t get enough of them, even their initial animosity screams ‘attraction’. The dialogue is witty and natural, the narrative flows nicely, including beautiful descriptions of nature and the marina. The plot is fast-paced and although some of the events at first seem slightly unbelievable, they tie in with the overarching story in the end, making it a well-plotted and intriguing novel.
I love that the protagonists of the story, although single and with no immediate plans to change that fact, are not presented as people who’ve sworn against relationships, but are single simply because life happened that way. It makes their relationship far more believable and sweet. The initial tension between them grows into a hot passion, and the author shows that wonderfully. Their scenes are not too sweet, not awkward or forced, they’re just right. Like Adam and Liv are just right for each other, their characters complementing each other well. Where Liv is determined, energetic and loving, Adam is extremely well-trained in his job but not overbearing or pushy because of it. He knows when he’s lost and he certainly loses when Liv turns on her charm. Not that Liv isn’t feeling lightheaded when Adam comes to her rescue. Several times.
The action and suspense only add to the emotional intensity of the story, making it a fulfilling, well-written experience.
Despite the novel being short, it doesn’t lack anything. If you’re looking for a quick fix of strong emotions, passion and action, this is it. I’ll certainly add this author’s work on my TBR list.

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