Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Book Review: 'Nurse Levi' by L.J. Hamlin


Levi’s parents might have been okay with him being gay, but they struggled to understand why a man would want to be a nurse, not a doctor. Still, Levi enjoys helping people and is satisfied with his career. When Levi takes over a patient from another nurse who has to leave early, he decides it’s his lucky night. Ash is one smoking hot fireman, injured rescuing a kitten. Levi wants to do far more than patch Ash up, and soon the two men are both on fire for each other.
Despite a few snickers from the clich├ęs, I found this to be a really fun romp of a short story. Leave your brain behind, grab an icy cold drink and settle in for this fun ride. Filled with double entendres and witty repertoire this book had be laughing aloud and eagerly turning the pages. Levi and Ash are humorous characters and I enjoyed watching them come together. Really sweet without being sappy, I found both Ash and Levi to be softer, gentler kinds of characters. There isn’t much plot to speak of, but the characters and the building of their newfound relationship takes front and center stage.
A short, happy, fun story, this is an excellent introduction to M/M. With a sweet and almost tender sex scene and plenty of getting-to-know-you time before the big event I would strongly recommend this for readers who want to dabble in M/M but want something gentler to help ease them in. Like a good, summery drink I found this a frothy and happy story to read.

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