Monday, January 15, 2018

Book Review: 'Northern Lights' by Sharon McGregor


Have you ever been to Alaska or other north country? Maddie hasn’t. But when she loses her job and her boyfriend on almost the same day, it seems like a good idea to make a fresh start. After all, it’s only a temporary job and she’ll be back home soon. It sounds like a good place to think.
This author writes an interesting tale of a city girl in the country. She’s afraid of bears and sasquatches, she doesn’t trust fisherman who don’t fish and why is the RMCP undercover?
She finds her new boss attractive, but he’s hot and cold. One minute he’s kissing her, the next he’s mad at her because she’s been wandering around alone outside. He claims he’s worried about bears, but she thinks there is more to it than that.
When someone pushes her off the edge of the watchtower, she knows it for sure. Rupe didn’t like her looking info up on the computer about the lodge and the environment, but he’s there to save her from a fall. He still doesn’t want to tell her anything. She’s upset because she saw his right hand man meeting in an old cabin with one of the non-fishing fishermen, and she thinks he’s up to something. Rupe says no. But what else would he say if he’s involved in it?
This is a busy story with both good and bad characters. Ms. McGregor uses bear poaching and organ harvesting as the crime, and this is a real problem. If you’re not familiar with it, just do an internet search. That’s how Maddie became aware of it. The romance is a bit rushed: at first they don’t trust each other, and then they have wedding plans. However, I believe in love at first sight, so I can accept that.
Why don’t you take a walk in the woods with Maddie? Just don’t notice the Sasquatch. That will help chill the rumors.

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