Saturday, January 20, 2018

Book Review: 'Next To You' by Rebecca Brochu


Ricci has been working hard on restoring the house he recently bought and keeping his building business afloat. When his truck is totaled by one of his workers, Ricci ends up having to catch the subway for the long trek home each night. Exhausted, he ends up sleeping next to a patissier, Layton, who appears equally tired. Every work night afterwards they catch the same train home together, each time falling asleep in what becomes an increasingly comfortable routine for both men.
Get comfy on the couch, disengage your brain and enjoy this short story. Although the set-up is fresh and interesting, it’s not the most realistic or logical of plots. Still, I found myself really enjoying the fact Layton and Ricci spent more time asleep and napping in this story than anything else. It’s not often you read about two people coming together and building a relationship on sleep! I found the heat generated between Ricci and Layton sizzling, and appreciated the fact they didn’t just jump into the sexual side of their relationship immediately – though they did jump into bed, just to get some much needed rest.
Readers who like off-beat, different types of storylines might find themselves enchanted like I did, but I feel those who need realistic, logical and more normal plots might find this a bit far-fetched. I enjoyed it though. The writing is fresh and well-paced, the characters were interesting, though not very deep, and the sex was satisfying. Recommended.

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