Saturday, January 6, 2018

Book Review: 'Never Been Kissed' by Mari Carr


This is an absolutely amazing story. Before I elaborate further I would really like to say it one more time: Amazing story. Although it is relatively short it is perfectly written, without loose ends, everything here is in its place.
Never Been Kissed is story about Shelly MacIsaac and her relationship with two wonderful, but a bit different, men. One is, her colleague and IT expert, Christian and the other is her trainer, kickboxing instructor and Christian’s friend, Lance. The relationship between three of them started as interesting friendship only to turn into intimate sexual relationship. But what makes this story different from so many erotic romances that I read is that before they became intimate they fell in love. Their love is palpable, as well as erotic/ sexual tension between the three of them. And that is what makes this story so sensual and so beautiful.
Everything in Never Been Kissed is amazing. The characters are equally developed. Each one of them has its own character arch and each realized something by the end of the story, something that makes him/ her a better person. The relationship between three of them is also amazingly written, it goes step by step, there is no rush, and what is the most important, all the sex scenes are an integral part of this threesome relationship because through them the author is also showing the progress of this interesting relationship. Sex scenes are highly sensual, magnificently written and, oh, so hot.
I also like the positive message of this story; and that is love your body and enjoy sex with the partner(s) you love.
Reading Never Been Kissed was an amazing experience for me. I highly recommend this story.

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