Friday, January 12, 2018

Book Review: 'My Lord Rogue' by Katherine Bone


Katherine Bone’s My Lord Rogue is sure to please the historical romance fan.
Set in the early nineteenth century, in England, of course, this story includes all the expected things: the cultural norms, and expectations, and the magical couple for whom we hope and worry …
Yet this is in some ways far from the typical such romance! For our heroine is not a young girl first being presented… oh no, Ms. Bone’s characters are individual and orignal enough to keep us from guessing too well. She avoids predictability – always a good thing.
Gillian, our heroine, is perfectly sure of her own heart, but is a victim of her times, both of the impending politicial crisis, as well as expectation of a lady in her position. Simon is part of her past, her heart well buttressed against her one time feelings for him. She seems to long most for her home in the country, even while being motivated by a political cause.
Gillian is a unique main character. She seems anxious, yet dedicated to the cause at opening, yet we also see her from other points of view. “Baroness Gillian Chauncey had become resourceful, cunning, and ruthless.” Interesting though these other glimpses, are, some abrupt leaps between points-of-view and shifts in time are distracting and annoying.
The plot twines well with the history of the times. The political matter, Their cause, is motivating, important but not presented in an overly complex manner.
Simon is wonderful.  He takes charge so quickly, obviously admires Gillian — but more, he admires her courage; and he is the one who recognizes her danger. With so much going on, survival alone might seem an achievement, but we readers find ourselves hoping for the romance in spite of all the challenges.
Although Katherine Bone’s historic romance My Lord Rogue offers all the right elements, it is also quite different from most romances set in the time. More than just romance readers will enjoy this one.

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