Saturday, January 6, 2018

Book Review: 'Murder in Mystic Cove' by Daryl Anderson


Addie Gorsky has moved to Florida to take care of her dying father and also to escape from her own past as a homicide detective. The only job she can land is that of security officer in the gated community of Mystic Cove. She becomes the head of the security force, but she really doesn’t want to deal with a murder. However, when she finds the most despised resident murdered, she gets caught up in trying to find out “whodunit”.
Addie is a very complex character, with many facets to her personality, and I really liked her a lot. Her father describes her well when he says, “I called you ruthless, . . And I stand by that, but you are also compassionate.” She has a great deal to cope with even without the murder, and she handles it all with intelligence and determination.
The plot is very complex and I didn’t have it solved until Addie did. There are a number of interesting characters residing in Mystic Cove and a wealth of secrets. Gossip abounds so it is hard to know where the truth lies, but Addie doesn’t accept easy or obvious answers.
There are several supporting characters who really add to the depth and believability of the story. Addie’s father contributes his experience as a cop as well as his knowledge of what makes Addie tick. He knows when to push and when to listen. The sheriff is antagonistic at first, but he and Addie both develop a respect for the other’s abilities and strengths. While the story is definitely a fast paced exciting mystery, it is much more than that, thanks to the depth of the characters and their interactions.
Mystery lovers are sure to find a hit in Murder in Mystic Cove, and I really hope that Addie has many more cases ahead of her.

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