Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Book Review: 'Market Mojo' by Kathy G. Mills

West Virginia native author Kathy G. Mills now lives in Zambia! She earned degrees in literature, accounting and education and successfully combines those credentials to provide us with a financial education most of us are lacking. As she states, ‘her battle cry is to Demystify! Her mission is to take complicated financial topics, boil them down to the essentials, and then present the information in bite-sized lessons that make learning effortless and fun.’ Though MARKET MOJO is her debut in book publishing, Kathy is the author of the website THAT is an invitation!

Today’s world is so financially oriented – and becoming more so with the addition of IT, making all the business dealings around the globe instantly mutable. Where do we go to find the basics of that special language and information to understand the marketplace – and even become an investor? This book is as solid a starting point as any on the market. By the end of this instructive guide Kathy informs us we will understand essential market vocabulary, understand that risk is an inherent part of investing, understand the role that diversification plays in our portfolio, and understand the importance of determining a personal investment plan.

How does Kathy accomplish this? With down to earth facts, strong references, helpful illustrations, and most of all a fine sense of humor that keeps us sane. As she explains the title (and purpose) of this book, ‘“Market Mojo” is more than just a snappy title; it’s a quality that is quite real and extremely valuable to a potential investor. A precise definition of “mojo” is hard to pin down, but it generally suggests a special ability that allows its users to act with conviction and confidence. Furthermore, mojo is unique. While many people may have it, no two people will exhibit it in the same way. When you use mojo, you know what your goal is, you know what to do to achieve that goal, and you expect nothing less than complete success. Mojo empowers you to take active steps to realize your vision for the future, which is why you should apply these principles to your finances as well. With a little focused study, you should be able to evaluate different investing options, weigh their merits, and create an individualized investing plan that reflects your needs and your goals. That is what Market Mojo is all about. Although learning about investing is a process, it doesn’t have to be a long, boring, or complicated one. Forget about the stodgy textbooks and the overly complex articles you’ve read while trying to get a handle on the stock market. This book will build your knowledge incrementally by presenting engaging lessons, comprehensive vocabulary lists, and periodic quizzes in an informal narrative style that make the topic approachable and fun. That’s right. I said fun.‘

So we are directed through explanations of ‘the market’, indices, stocks, and personal portfolio. She spends time with important vocabulary, the risks and benefits of the market, and brings it al together in a warm and accessible fashion. This is one excellent guide to understanding finance! Grady Harp, January 18

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