Sunday, January 21, 2018

Book Review: 'A Love Unfinished' by Bethany-Kris


Dragons, lost love and a second chance, this had it all. Holden disappeared a year ago, right before his wedding to Dani. The story starts with Dani, still not knowing if Holden is dead or what has happened to him, so when he shows back up, I understood how easily she took him back. Dani does make him work for it, a bit, perhaps not as much as another reader might think she needed to but I felt it worked for this couple. After all, with the secrets he reveals, how can she stay mad at him, when leaving her wasn’t easy for him?
I love the world that author presents, I also adore dragon shifters and the way this is set up and the details put forth about the dragon culture, were so thought out and well done. I could easily imagine it as something the author is just documenting from their life, and that dragons might actually exist.
This was a new author to me, and she’s won me over with her dragons. I look forward to reading more about these dragons and their mates, I hope that this is part of a larger series.

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