Thursday, January 25, 2018

Book Review: 'The Long Shot' by Amanda Horton

Amanda Horton is a new author of Chick Lit with a special propensity for billionaire romances. She has published nine novels to date and her style indicates she will be successful in satisfying her erotica loving audience. Of note, Amanda is a constant traveler, and as she states ‘Life should not be taken seriously. The journey is life, not the destination and the journey is full of surprises, experiences and opportunities. ‘

The travel expertise is evident in this novel that takes place in Barcelona and focuses on soccer as the sport du jour. She introduces us to her female heroine in a therapist office setting – a fine bow to today’s routine – ‘“You were far more forgiving to him than any other woman would have been,” her therapist continued. “When you realized neither your grown son nor your husband needed your help, you devoted yourself to service to others. You’ve got a track record of humanitarian work that would make Angelina Jolie feel like she was slacking off... In short, you take care of everyone except yourself.” “What else do you want me to do? I was a society wife! In the early days, I worked hard ensuring Hawkins Pharmaceuticals success by making myself into the perfect hostess. And it turns out I’m great at it. I have the ability to help hundreds of people. I can’t turn my back on them! My socials have raised more funds for New York’s charities than...than—” The therapist raised a hand. “Take a deep breath.” Diane realized her shoulders were tense. She breathed in deeply, forcing herself to relax. Inwardly, she was alarmed at her loss of composure. She never raised her voice or was ever impulsive. Good breeding dictated that she be free from any scandal. She was gracious and kind, but there was always a wall she kept between herself and the outside. Margaret’s words had stung, but Diane knew the woman only wanted to help her. She’d been consulting the doctor for years now, even before William’s death had left her a widow. “Sorry, Margaret. I don’t know what came over me.” “If I was going to guess, I’d say it was the same thing that first brought you to my office all those years ago.”

So Diane is off to Spain to regroup, move her William Hawkins Cancer Research Facility, meet Leon Alvaro, and that is where the synopsis opens the window to the story – ‘Every time he looks at me, I struggle for breath, my knees go soft, my heart races. Leon Alvaro is Barcelona's football boss, and my business competitor. He thinks just because of his strong arms, his chiseled body, his salty scent of the ocean…that he can beat me. He’s insane. But why should I resist? I'll let him touch me, kiss me. I'll let him believe that he’s had me like his other girls, but just for one night, and then I'll be done - once and for all. Or so i thought. For this Spaniard bad boy, one night is not enough and I can’t say no to his petulant requests. The currents of desire, are cracking the dam of my resolve. Am I screwed? This is not business anymore; It’s a game I haven't played and I need to make The Long Shot.’

A fine mix of sports, dealing with career versus self care – and sports. A fun, naughty and solid read. Grady Harp January 18

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