Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Book Review: 'Lethal Abandon' by Kallie Lane


Kallie Lane delivers another Shadow Soldier story that is full of action and emotion that keep a reader’s adrenaline pumping.
The horrifying, terrifying antagonists in Lethal Abandon make one shudder with fear and dread. Moreover, the reader learns about them early on and feels their ominous presence always lurking.
Remy Renaud, a wildlife biologist, while well-trained to handle herself in the Alberta Canada wilderness, is totally out of her element in the Florida Everglades. Lost, with a crocodile keeping pace with her boat, Remy thinks it cannot get any worse, then she sees a horrific sight—men burying a body in a secret graveyard in the swamp. Worse, they see her.
Micah Rivera, a reserve in a Special Ops Unit, owns a security service with several helpers trained in special ops. Theirs is a dangerous business, but they excel in getting the job done. While he is visiting his friend Pete Mandel in Florida he becomes involved with saving Remy—against her will. She is stubborn. He does what has to be done even when Remy is unreasonable. When she finally realizes how marked for death she is and how much Micah had one and continues to do to keep her alive, she is broken-hearted about being so mean and hateful to a magnificent man.
The chemistry Micah and Remy have makes the story sizzle at times giving the reader a respite from the danger. Also, the huge dog Tubbs added comic relief. But Ms. Lane doesn’t relent. She takes the reader into the group of psychopathic antagonists as they plan their campaign against Micah and his men and women.
If you have reader previous Shadow Soldier novels, you’ll be able to catch up with characters you already know, like Theo and Melena, Billie and Rocket, Hawke, Hunt, Law, and Rizzoli. None of them have lost their edge. They work together like a well-oiled machine when trouble comes.
Lethal Abandon takes the reader on a vicarious adventure that is high octane from start to finish—a total escape from the ordinary, mundane world. Exciting entertainment!

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